Get Code Reviews Completed Faster

Stop having code reviews get forgotten with personalized daily reminders and keep work moving through your process.
Pull request reminders

Idle Code Reviews Cause Everyone Pain

Developer's nagging reviewers to move stories along causes friction while the lagging pull requests stop the flow of work.
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Ignored Code Reviews

Since reviewers are also developers we naturally prioritize our own work first rather than others pull requests.

Work Interruption

Developers move on to the next feature while waiting for review forcing them to interrupt their new work to look at old work.

Team Friction

As time drags on developers are forced to nag the reviewer which causes unnecessary team friction.

Have You Ever Received This Email...

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No More Nag Emails

When developers have to escalate their reminders to managers to get the team to prioritize pull requests reviews, you know you have a problem.
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Stop Code Review Delays

Our coach will automate the notifications of idle code reviews and encourage developers to complete them in a positive way.
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Daily reminders

Daily Slack Reminders Devs Will Pay Attention To

Pull requests are measured on how long they are idle before a reviewer picks them up. The daily reminder shows you how long each pull request has sat without a review with attention drawn to the oldest ones.
Private daily Slack reminders
Dwell time
Status indicator

Gamified Leader Board

Our gamified leaderboard rewards and motivates your team to efficiently complete pull requests, improving overall code review processes and productivity.
Weekly rankings
Compete over time
Check your progress
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Personalized Reminders

Map GitHub to Slack

Associate GitHub usernames to your Slack usernames to enable private messages each morning for the pull requests that are assigned to you.
Associate GitHub accounts
Private message pull request reminders
Automatic association

Set Reminder Days And Time

Receive reminders when it works for your team. Customize which days and the time reminders will be sent.
Set reminder days
Set reminder time
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Accelerate Your Team's Pull Request Completion

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